one year ago
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We didn't even miss our flight and arrived not long after our intended time at the airport in Rome. In the UK it seems we're forced to wait for many hours until the road is cleared. I don't see the point in that when all that's needed is a single police officer to warn prevent traffic trying to join the motorway, and in Italy we didn't even need that, everyone slowly and calmly just organised themselves without any drama whatsoever.

We could easily have something written into the Highway Code about this, or have a rule where you can only do this when instructed to do this by a police officer, however I think this later part would be counterproductive as it would need 2 officers and depend on the police actually considering the motorists stuck in the jam, and quite frankly I don't think our police force consists of enough officers with the common sense and decency to do this.

Anyway, here's the original BBC news post about the incident.

And this way us on the way to the airport in Rome and stuck for less than half an hour due to a serious accident.

 no long delays when motorway is blocked in Italy